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SF Ballet Adult Class

By On June 15, 2015

So my friend Tracy Bae has been encouraging me to take ballet class with her since we have moved to the Bay area. I am very hesitant to take ballet class. Actually…… Read More


Berlin Germany – Bboys

By On April 9, 2015

It has been a little while since we last posted a dancer interview, but we finally finished our most recent project with two amazing dancers from Berlin. Bboy’s Uwe and Lou-Ease were… Read More


Juste Debout School

By On December 22, 2014

If you don’t know about Juste Debout competition that happens in Paris every year, then just type that in YouTube and watch some videos. This competition brings in some of the best… Read More


Pere Lachaise and Montmarte Cemetery

By On December 10, 2014

Ok, I know I know, going to cemeteries is a bit weird to some. But I really enjoy them, especially paying my respects to people who have greatly inspired me as an… Read More


Bali Indonesia – Bgirl

By On June 12, 2014

Meet Novie Makatita a Bgirl and Community leader from Bali Indonesia. Novie shares her culture and history with us as a street dancer from the paradise of Bali Indonesia. We met Novie… Read More


Balinese Dance

By On May 18, 2014

Angelo and I recently had the privledge of taking a Balinese dance class with I Nyoman Joni.  We took the private dance class at the ARMA Museum ( Agung Rai Museum of… Read More


Tokyo Japan – Waacker

By On May 15, 2014

We would like to introduce you to our friend Junko Sasaki, a Waacker and freestyle dancer from Japan.  We met Junko a few years ago while she was living and dancing in… Read More


Los Angeles – Freestyler

By On March 24, 2014

Hello Pandoni community. Here is the first interview of our world wide journey to capture the essence of dance in every culture we visit. Why not start with our own Los Angeles… Read More